Thursday, June 01, 2006


yeah took me sometime to get back to this post, in the mean time so much has happened...
but its still related to this so i'll try to pick up where i have left of ane fill in in all the gaps..
since then i have had a more real threesome with Chef and another gal it was quite amazing.. but i shold start before that, last weekend was just so i dont have the words for it so much has happened in those 72 hours with very little sleep.. we went to the Dungean and i was tied up to a wall and got whipped for the first time, now dont freak out in me i loved it and did it willingly the rush is amazing talking bout mental orgazem... my thigh only now starts to look more yellow then purple... then the next night we shared a lovly girl between us ....
i surprise myself with being so willing to try all this new things probably cause i always wanted to try but had no one to "show me the ropes" pun very much intended ;) this whole expirience has awarded me new respect at home and new pride in myself.. i handel all theses fears i thought i would have with out any effort.. guess somewhere i knew that too..

amonge other things that have happened, i was offerd a promotion at work and thought to except it at first but am having second thoughts now and i think i'll decline it its going to be too much of a hassele in my eyes.. too much of a headache for not enough money.. so thats going to be one fun phone call tomorow to my boss..
besides that there is my issue with Princess which i now was realy egoeisticly of me kept deprived of attantion and care by me as i am hardly home and when i do get thre its only to sleep for a few hours and i feel really guilty about it by now its really a misrable life for hre and for me to insist on keeping her there is so unfair, with work and school and my life in the middle shes the one suffering.. as much as i hate saying this i'll have to find her a new home.. maybe EX would be willing to take her to his new place, he already knows all her tricks and he loves her almost as much as i do, so it must be for the best intrest of hers... i hate myself for being such a horriable mom to her and i will miss her teriblly but i know its for the best so it must be done..
school is almost over and i belive i will manage to finish most of my projects in time and am really excited/nervouse bout it..
working for my teacher is fun its also good talking to her bout all thats going on in school and the class and the future.. i like it..
i hope to start working on my tattoo in july, truely excited bout it hope i'll have the money to start working on it soon.
Cheff asked me to move in again i feel better bout it now.. guess that as soon as i find a solution for my dearest Princess i'll be able to think it more siriusly.. we shall see what happens..

Bast bless my soul.
had some realy good morning activitys with Chef this morning... ;)) it seem to be our time lately, was royaly late for work last saturday but it was worth it.. sex with him is difrent he intrudueces new fun and games into it sometimes its scary other times it ohhh yeah babe... but i always enjoy it finally have some one to show me some other sides to the usale thing, and i learn fast. anyways its the last month of school and the race is on to finish all my half done projects and new ones i just started in the hope to finish it all on time and not die trying.. from lack of sleep and starvation... but i love it. i got my self a job working for my dearest design teacher, helping her put together a home sale in a bout 5 weeks so its some extra money on the side and some work expiriance..hope it would go well i'm looking farwards to it..

i think ihave less issues with my self toward this sharing Chef thing after having a small adventure sharing him with another girl,was realy exciting i must say.