Saturday, October 28, 2006

so yesterday i had to close my post as he came home at the most akward moment, in the middle of a crying fit. he comes over askes me whats up, i say i will be fine and he doesnt bite it so i tell him its all in the letter...
he goes over reads the letter, i'm all nevrves not so sure anymore it was such a good idea that he should read it, and waiting for some response which isnt coming i wait longer before giving up and asking him if he has anything to say about it... (the bomb falls..) he has nothing to say bout it...
all of a sudden i have closeure..
mr sensetivty is all words no action. his way his terms his time or nothing. all this talk of us staying friends is all bull how can you be my friend if you dont care to react to my woes.. how can you think that things are just plain normal cause you said that how they should be?
so now that all is out in the open and i know where i stand (out the door..) i can move on without looking back, and leave the sad basterd to his deamons and illusions of grandure.
i'm having a sick thought of saying thanks for making it so clear for me.. (i wont at least not yet..)
Romil allways said the best revenge is to lead a damn good life whaich is just what i am going to do no regrets no looking back..
wrote a good post yesterday telling all bout how wrathfull i was with him, and due to nasty network problems it went into the dark void of cyberspace.. anyways..
today i am expiriencing the next stage of griving over the end of my realationship with him which is depression and hurt due to noticing that unlike me who's grieving he's out there moving on with his life and dating..
we were somewhat civil to eachother today even with my eyes filling with tears constantly, and with realising that even though i know i am making the right choice by leaving the actual act wasn't mine and so now that i realize it's finality i start my grieving and as i thought i left some kind of mark on his life with the hardship we have had the last two months i thought or wished or expected that he wouldn't be so "eager" to move on and just discard me so quickly. and even with knowing all his faults and knowing i am doing the right thing this ego thing of how easily he has moved on hurts like hell..
him telling me that i made my choices and that he's being all considerate with not bringing his date home as not to hurt me..

again i couldnt tell him how i felt when we tryed talking today after yesterday when i went in to a blazing rage over everything that has happened, so after he crashed on the couch i wrote him a letter that being the only way i have to be heard all the way without argument or distraption, and left it for him on the coffee table to see as soon as he opens his eyes, which didnt happen and after he put it aside before bringing dinner to the table i had to say something to get his attention to it so he would at least know why i'm all pufy eyed and silent, he says " i'll read it when i get back.." and goes off taking food with him somewhere else..
mr. sensetivety strikes back...
abd that like the worst bit i know he's a jerk and i know i'm doing right with me by leaving but my ego is broken right now
feel like a damn 16yr girl all over again with the high school hunk doesnt know i exsist..
part of my lesson i guess as even though in a way i was the one who broke it up i feel like the one left behind, with all my real realtionships till now i was the one who made the cut after realising i wasnt "inlove" or just plain not loving them anymore. feel like i have been dumped.. i can ratanolize everything and i am aware of the stages and that i'm heading for something good and still it doesnt mend a broken ego.. i still care for the jerk and it just eats me up that he's elsewhere doing his thing with others only days after we broke up.
him thinking we could still be friends and that things are almost normal between us excluding the romantic side. it's like he was never there in the first place like he never felt anything, and i'm here feeling like the fool. i know this is only temporary i know i'll get better that its only a matter of time. but i fucking miss him right now.
he just walked in and i feel like an idiot again.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

oh whoop di fucking doo..

this is something i wrote a few days ago after this one wouldn't go online..

i'm having a shity al time and was hoping to bitch and rant on my old blog but the damn computer is against me.. so i'll have to make do with this one..came back from zichron today after fleeing TA on tuesday had to get away was loosing my mind, left my man a 4 page letter and took off. that of course didnt sit to well with him and we had a rough phone talk later that night. we are kinf of not together anymore for all kinds of reasons, and now i'm back "home" as i dont have anywhere else to go just yet. we are going to take a kind of cooling off piriod i'll be home hunting again, for a place of my own again oh fun.. i'm too damn confused now as to know how i really feel, right now all i really want is a big hug and some good crying, cant seem to get those damn tears out, and they are ever present and still not spilling. we hurt eachother in so many ways and i know i feel pretty shitty bout it. i am in such a shitty place with myself now. drowning in shit and cant seem to find my own voice among the screaming voices in my head. i am fighting to find myself and my voice and i know that with him i cant do it now i need to have a place of my own to feel secure in and build myself up from the ruins. almost fucked up a job oppurtunity and just barely maneged to save it. i feel all lost in myself. tyring to direct all that pain into something creative and motiveated. trying to pull through with my teheth and nails. trying not to loose it completely. hoping the new week will help me get some strucher in my life and some forward pulling and hope inertia will help me keep on moving. he's all smashed on the sofa and as much as i have a need to wake him up to hug me and hold me i cant bring myself to do so as i am afraid we lost something along the way and i'm too scared to reach out to him anymore and i am so damn alone now, my closest and dearest are far away and most likely asleep. i want something of my own, that is only mine. trying not to wallow too much in my own sorrows as i am afraid i wont find my way back.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

i hate money and me not being able to hold on to the fucker..

yeah another prety day day in my life.. good news : it rained today.
and thats about all the good news i have..
i dont know how to hold on to money never could.. now the fucker is here to haunt my every move. so yeah shit is still hitting the fan and everyone gets splatterd.. aint life grand.. box of choclates and i just pick the shitty ones up..
dont know what to do anymore. maybe standing on the corner at some dark alley will get me somewhere..
He asked me today what i would have done if he wasnt here to help me out would i still be up to my ears in shit ..
i would be up to my ears in shit and it would have been my shit alright.. bad shit but my shit. probably found some dead end job to break my back on in my freakingly shitty place with my spoiled ass kitty eating leftovers i brought from the garb cans outside with no hope or love but making it happen somehow as there was no other way no dilusions of grandure of fantasy jobs and shops that were never open and that kind of bolocks..
so yeah you could say what is stoping me now? from doing shity jobs and why am i throwing all my shit on him?
probably cause i got a fals sense of safety when he upped my credit with the bank and asked for a credit card only he uses and pays for mostly lets not get too petty he does pay most of it but still i knew how to handle my shity red account with its off balance and overdraft and now with the higher credit line the hole just gets bigger and fucking bigger...
so yeah my life still suck and i try looking for that tiny lil light at the end of my tunneled vision and hope for some grace to land on me.
i am probably looking in the wrong fucking direction just as it lands in my puddle of mud splattreing me with more of my own fucking bile...
tomorow another day and three difrent places to go to looking for work maybe someone will throw me a bone or a stake or something.
guess whats the next chain in the food chain...: self loathing.. obvious right?
arent you proud to be my friend...
i want the damn job and then out..
i'll handel my own shit lamely but it would be well earened self made shit...

Sunday, October 01, 2006

fed up with it all

its been a long while since i last wrote, alot has happened on all fronts, still no luck on the job hunt and it yom kipur now.. so i'm checking my check list see where i am at..
i have a feeling that i'm getting fed up with this chef stuff. too many things iritate me bout it lately, his child like actions his need to be in the center of things knowing everything better then anyone boasting and bulshiting bout shit he's cluless bout, and all sorts of anyoing lil habits that drive me up the wall, i just dont know if its worth it anymore. maybe i'm just edgy as school starts in a lil bit and i have the urge to be left to my own device which right now is imposiable as i cant spport my self.
i was hoping for a quiet yom kipor just the two of us in some hotel somewhere silence all round and no big productions and it didnt happen so we are still here and there is going to be a dinner thingy with pl coming and he already marked some girl as target to be persuied and i just want to throw all my toys out and scream stop..
had a long heavy talk with M and i know more of what i got myself into and where its going wrong, chef and M are on non speaking terms and he thinks she's trying to subvert me to her side sticking wedges as she goes along. it has been stormy for two and a half weeks between us ups and downs on an almost regular basis and it seems to be setlling down but i am still itchy all over. i need to find me a job and reconsider everything again i think i need to detach myself from him a bit even though i'm not sure how much i can with all his envovment in my financess and things with my name on them that he's paying for. its uglier then i am willing to admit and remeniscent of my past life with my dutch EX, right now dear Asprine is cringing in his seat going:OUCH! Damn girl not again!!! i know darling, i'm ouching myself too, this must be worst then your never endind study, heres me doing the same lesson for the third and a half time over again, lets all hope this time i'll get it right..
i say lets meet in a'dam when you finally get back from your travels and celebrate my return to my favorite city..
sounds like fun ha?
i think so too it will keep me warm at night when i sleep on the street and feed on leftovers..
yeah bitch bitchy..
so yeah my exhibition opened last week and except the part where i'm majorly pissed with my teacher for only putting one of my items on display its really beautyfull. ill send you a pic sometime next week (Asprine going: a-ha to himself, that and the rest of them pic's you promised right?) that evening had its own hell intailed.. something bout some guy he introduced to me and then turn around and told me he's bad news after that "bad news" guy took me home from the expo (he lives in the nighbourhood ) and i went up for coffee at his place. yes he flirts with me yes i know he wants to get into my pants, yes i flirt back, yes i find him atractive, no i havent done anything bout it. chef got pisses bout it said the guy was a story teller and it isn't apropiate for me to be seen with him as long as i am with cheff. then had a hard time handling the truth bout me admitting to finding bad news guy attractive even though i have no intentions on folowing through. still was a hail storm to deal with..
on diffrent news his other woman can drive me mad with her lack of sensetivety to the outside world and lack of responsibilty with other ppl's possesions and just a total spoiled brat. cant talk to him bout it as he would say i'm being poisened by M or other imaginary friends and dont want to open it with M as it doesnt help shit.

news flash.. my boss at the shinkin store might have a proposition that can benefit us both, he wants me to make use of the little niche he has behinde the shop as a studio and work there for him and the shop, and have half time there and half time at the shop front. that could be really good for me as its work and getting some more "fly-time" in the studio. i hope we can work something out to benefit us both..

for now chef's "ideas" of buying a house and/or car with my name on it are for now on hold, i hope they stay that way as right now i'm too confused bout "our"future together and those things could get really messy..

school starts in two weeks, hopefully by then there will be a steady job and my own money to claim my indipendence.. and you never know i might just be able to spread my wings and fly out of here again back to where i really want to be which is amsterdam..