Friday, August 10, 2007

i am happy!

after the long haul, and the move and all i am happier than ever..
Thunder and me are happily in love.. i got it right this time damn right!
i got what i have been looking for for so long, i was finally ready within myself to find what my heart wants at last.. and damn it is so good!
we had some truly magical moments ones i always dreamt of having, ones i thought that when they finally arrive will be followed by drum rolls and fire works .. they came and are here to stay though no drums have rolled and no fire works came along with them they are even more magical for it, they come naturally now and are so beauty full theres no need for outside announcements..
we had a wonderful long talk after coming back to TLV and we have had that magical love making that only comes to those who love.. i am great full to him and me for reminding me how much more fun can be had when u add that oh so sought after spice of love in to having sex..
we are on a new path to a better future together, him with his promotion at work coming up and me, well, i think soon enough i'll find my muse again and soar higher with my creativity too..
this is what life should feel like..
i am now understanding better all my past mistakes that brought me here, with out them i wont be here now.
i know know that i had to make all those mistakes to get me here where i can finally be secure with myself and with my man and take the next step up the ladder...
Goddess bless us all!