Sunday, April 19, 2009

white night after all..

Didn't have a a minute of sleep all night...
its going to be a fun fun day!!


Damn muse strikes back

its 3am..

i am up cant sleep as my muse decided the time is NOW!

Resistance IS futile...

nothing to do but surrender, otherwise the night is shot no matter what and sketching in my book is a more viable solution after all.. fuck good night sleep!
Lets sketch the night away.. in darkness, to the light of the screen...
damn... this can go on all night.. after all the times i have been distracted and didn't sketch down the flow of ideas.. i have earned this white night...

and they flow...

The same way my writing flows, its even more distracting now as part of me finds solace in the written/typed words and the other screams: release your working hands! go buy a whole load of findings at work and go sit at your non existent bench..
still in the dark as to not wake the rest of the house who sleeps soundly in the bed all warm and inviting but sleep wont come, even when the body is tired and longs for a restful sleep before a new week begins with its fires to tend to and new distractions of routine life and routine life issues of money and where to bring it from and things to cancel and re arrange and problems to solve...

new house to hunt for and then packing again..

too much to do too Little time for it all..
so another cigarette before a new attempt at sleep and hopefully this time sleep will over take me and my muse will be satisfied some to allow for sleep to finally take over..

Dear Iron Man i think of you now at the wee hours of the night you of all people know what its like, the love-hate relationship with muses..

Me frustrated with a sketch book in the Cave..

the continuous struggle with creativity when it comes and goes and fighting to allow it an open window and time to simply lavish in it...

48 minutes later a few pages scribbled with incoherent foot notes written in poor light may i only be able to decipher them in the light of day...

fare well and goodnight (a few minutes before 4 am)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

foot notes

lately i have noticed that our shared sense of humor has taken a more intimate turn, we understand each other less vocally, small gestures and GMTA* is enough to get the both of us on the floor holding our tummies.

just goes to show what two years in a relationship can do...

Intimacy Rocks!

Did i mention that i am more in love with my man now then i was 2 years ago?

to those of you who haven't been here from the beginning:

GMTA: Great Minds Think Alike!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

just one last thing...

as quoted from the latest series we have been following, "Kings":

"Pretty people are no good with the little details"

and don't get me started!

God Damn Pass-Over!!

the holidays are upon us once again, stress at work for all the half weeks and the stress over the holiday dinner , and at least that already has past..

one conclusion is from this holiday is no more big fancy flower arrangements for his MOM. worthless. she doesn't appreciate the gesture as much as i expected and therefore next year it will be a humble arrangement or something simpler like that.

we been to a wedding before the holiday (last Monday) it was fun, food could have been much better but it was fun.

had a truly awful day last Tuesday so much work so little time but i made it somehow to my Pilate session and left a quarter of an hour in with extremely runny face all frustrated and only later realizing that that time of the month+work stress+ Pilate is simply not a good equation, realization came about when i exploded like a MF on my gorgeous Man and ran off slamming doors, i am still, so lucky he knows me and understands.. and we made up quickly afterwards,

Saw Romil in Haifa!! (yey) and see her again tomorrow when she comes for her first interview at the mad house we call work.. so fingers crossed for her and the mad house who would be oh-so-lucky to have her working there!

damn mad house and its half working gals... you will not believe the amount of inefficiency i tolerate at this place.. and those of you who know me know how well i am with inefficient people and tolerating... red temper is a bonus i can hide some residue anger in the temper and get away with it.

had a good chat with My Mom she understands me and even though she is Friends with his MOM she could pin point the issues i have with her to a small notion of Taste or lack of it..

yeah, with all the winds and bells going of hides a small slightly garish persona with a loud voice and very opinionated state of mind.. shes all ways right and she should get a medal for all her efforts at raising three boys all by her self!

maybe next year we should give her a plaque to hang on the wall: "hardest working woman ever lived" she could just pull it out like a damn badge.. and she probably would..

Thank you (my) Mom for being you!

i do feel a lot better after we talked.

BTW the wedding dress combo i built was gorgeous, just wish the smoking spot was less windy.. anyways next wedding new dress and that will be a hunt on its own..

Talented boy turned older yesterday, and i forgot to call him so here to my gorgeous Goldy locks may you always have a cheeky grin on your face and a satisfied smile in your heart!!
Hope you partied hard last night and you are a happy split man today.. i miss you loads, you will be pleased to know that my Husband shares some personality traits with you and it keeps you close to my heart each time he does a Randy on me!

Also talked to my would-be-mythological-ex-if-we-ever-had-anything-going-on or for short Saint, he was surprised and pleased that after all this time and even though we hardly get to meet i always remember to call on him on his birthday.. first time we talked since i saw him last which was at the wedding, we said we will go on a double date and catch up some.. and i hope we will.. soon.. i miss him too and i would like to just have a catch up session with him and his beautiful girlfriend,

well i think that's about it for now, till next time.. love you all stay safe and comment every now and again, i don't bite too hard...

Thursday, April 02, 2009

what a hectic day...

Someone up there wanted us to earn this weekend super bad...
its been a nightmarish day again.. busy busy busy..

fighting off fires at every step.. damn it..

they already said they want another girl to join the team and i already offered Romil as a prime candidate but they are still busy chasing their tail and we are still trying hard not to crumble under the stress..

we all have just a bit too much on our plates and its becoming too damn much to handle...
i asked Romil to fax over her CV to see if that will make the Bosses move in the right direction, and having one more person and hopefully Romil as the one will make wonders for me at work, finally someone i can relate to at work who understands my jokes and has made more use of the Grey goo between the ears!

i work with nice girls but i have nothing more than the common conversation with it can get lonely..

so i am hoping for a relaxing weekend of resting before the big haul of before the holidays and a wedding off course.. that's Monday and Sunday Thunder and me are celebrating our 2 year anniversary... don't know yet what we are going to do as i have a Skinny Tika session and a hair cut that same evening.. maybe we just party the next day at the wedding..

silly how these days the only time we actually get to do a fun night out is wedding related.. on normal weekends or other "night-outs" we are simply too busy or too tiered to be bothered.

so Weddings it is and as the wedding season has just started there will most likely be more.. Ally-Cat is getting married in August and there is another family wedding in June or July...

so that will probably our next nights out..

We are going to try and meet up with Romil and her Dreadlocks Husband during the pass over thingy.. but from experience i have little faith..
going to see the Dude see whats up with him, going to bitch and moan to him over coffee..

best weekend to all!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

jumping Pilate Rocks!

was my first time doing the jumping thingy and its so much fun, fun like we had as kids on the playground!

today i went Polish on his MOM no worry's it was good polish, she said she didn't want anything for Pass Over and i insisted so she said that she would enjoy white flowers so i organized a flower delivery to her place from my favorite flower shop in TLV of a tall arrangement of white flowers to be delivered before the holidays, boy is she going to love those damn flowers, i cant wait to see the arrangement they will make her... She will know better next time that resistance is futile when it comes to my Polish gene!!

got my special extra from Bear man today and was informed he meant to pay me more so next month with the misunderstanding out of the way i will get a fatter envelope..

i am glad this week is almost over and a blessed weekend is upon us. last Saturday we went to Haifa and back within 6hr, it sucks!! damn Service cabs of Sabbath... (sounds like a lame glam rock album..:).

still busy busy at work but i actually love it, now that the roles are defined and they let me get on with my work, its easier, and thank god it has been a busy month..

wishing all a happy sunny peaceful weekend