Tuesday, May 26, 2009

House hunting is over!

We have found a home!

yesterday we signed our contract for our new place, so that's done and now its time to pack.
the big move is on Monday and no more cramped living space!

this new place is much bigger than this one 3.5 rooms( the what you call half room is going to be my den till the patter of tiny feet will be heard through the house)

we actually going to have a living room a study for Thunders company and no more computer and work talk in my living room(!!) and a kitchen that is a kitchen and not just a space to cook in.

big wall units in the bed room and the half room, wall units!! from floor to ceiling! never though wall units will make me so happy but after sharing a small closet made for one (with Husband who God bless his soul has a truly impassive collection of cloths) for two bloody years, the thought of having two (TWO) wall to wall wall units is absolutely heaven!

I just want to move already and start nesting in our new place make it our own, hang our wedding pictures up and play house in a real house, start making plans for a bigger family.

I am excited!

Oh and one more thing this new place is up on the seventh floor out of eight and we get uninterrupted view of Jaffa and Tel Aviv which is only beatable by my Mom's place in Haifa and the seventh floor breeze which is a true necessity living by the beach with the humidity rising to 80% in July and August!

now we only wait for the movers to stop by with boxes to help us move and they will be here eventually i hope.

Tomorrow's Mom's Birthday and we will get some quality time together which has been earned for quite a while, and its White Night in Tel Aviv tomorrow as well so there will be a lot to do (in between packing) and a long holiday weekend in which to pack in.

That's the latest update happy packing to us all!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

last week quick re-cap

last week....

my brother came by, on a short holiday break away from work, away from China.

he brought with him a birtday gift for Mom, this sleek and cool and at times fraustratin brand new lap top i am now enjoying!

he also brought a whole bunch of talking telling us of his life there, how diffrent it is from here in all sort of strange ways.

He also filled in some blanks and shed light on our late grand fathers life, before he came to Israel from Poland, stories Mom was probablly never going to tell me and probably never will, i can understand her reasons but its still feels good to know more of him and his life before he came here, it was facinating to hear and felt good, Brother and me bonding

So now i have this brand new toy, for now, to play with and learn of so when we bring it over to Mom she could have fun with it too.. and maybe finaly start puting the novel in her head in to writing.

we are stilli looking for a place to live, no luck there yet, and its becoming really fraustrating by now.

me and Thunder are stiil not in total synch regarding the where abouts of where it should be located and what we are willing to compormise and what we aren't willing to compormise inside the place what we are willing and can tolorate , i see potentail in alot of places, at times because i really do want to move out of here at other times its simply that bad. He has issues with older more mature appartments, where i see charm he see's bugs.

work is demanding as well, my weeks seem so loaded all the time. i am running from here to there almost half the week coming home late after Pilate or Skinny Tikka sessions on the bench crafting, last week was also when i got tottaly shit faced on Margarita's celebrating Cinco de Maio so called Mexican American Independants Day... some one should whisper to the Mexicans and keep them in the loop, by Itche"s qoute they know nothing about this special day.
so then after a long and very productive day after finnishing up in the studioi took my very happy energy and climed up to their roof to salute my self with some Margaritas, foot note: on a very emp-ty stomuc....tham tham tham..... i get shit faced compeltely on margarits.. not quite sure how i got home its somewhere ther in flashes between black spaces. got home crashed woke up feeling well drunk! Yatta! n i got to go to work like that: Green. needless to say i throw up at work and start feeling ohh slightly better slightly!

but i have to say before it went tottaly off it was alot of fun Rose Itch and myself havent hung around that much for a while and it was cozy, till i got too drunk and fled the scene.

Spoke to Tomy too, told me of his Fathers paasing long estranged father, so that was strange and sad too, strange in we both have absent fathers, he had a chance to meet his before he passed and thats a blessing in a way. mine is still out there and i am still unsure how i really feel about him, Tomy has allways been encoraging ragarding finding him, and offred to help constantly.

besides that there was the mini drama that occred behind the scenes in regards to Tomy's latest job interview, it included my mother in law... and thats where i draw the line on this story.

theres been a quite weekend Thunder being busy up to his ears with work, he still is.

Crazy Girl came back to life via e-mail, yeah i am talking bout you!
and it was such a nice surprise to hear from her after all this time, good on you girl!

there is more but i am crashing so till next time, may we finaly find a place!

lights out.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

realizations and some more realizations

its been a bit of a rough few weeks, a lot has happened a lot has been thought of, a lot has been building inside and left to boil over till we finally talked it over and finally got it out in the open to look at and think whats next.

Drum Roll Please: my biological clock has started ticking...Tick Tok Tick Tok....

yes, it does and it scares me and excites me and it seems that most likely this was starting point of my somber moods and panic attacks my loving Man had to endure lately before i was even able to say it out loud, its been lingering at the back of my head and throwing doubt at just about everything.

I am glad to say that now that its out in the open and in the spot light its still scary/exciting but at least it has a name and a face and i know its the main reason why i have been freaked out for a bit.. worried about money, can we afford a bigger place, my loving Man's trouble with rising in the morning... all under the great umbrella of realizing that i Do want kids.. everything seems to fall in to place and have new proportions shed light to all nagging fears and doubts.

damn holiday fest is finally over and we are back to normal full weeks at work so i have more time to juggle all my duties and find my tail i have been chasing for two weeks, never having enough time to follow things through and be more in control of my desk.

there was a hope for a new place and that has been put back on the shelf once again in wait to see how this coming month will cast its prosperous light on my Man's new business, we will see after this month what is our budget and how big of a place we can really get without having nasty surprises the month after, we hope the business will finally find some stable wind under its wings and it will finally take flight which isn't fledgling and stop stuttering and being fragile.
big decisions have to be made, our future has to be taken care of!

Schooling at skinny Tikka's moving forward, and i am loving it! the need to pound on metal and bend it and twist it to meet my wiles is such a release and a satisfaction!

so tomorrow i will finish one piece and start on my Bling and soon enough be the proud creator of my first hand made Bad ass Bling!

Been thinking of a name for my line and i think i have found it: Aclectica i like the ring of it and it seems to fit my diverse choices in materials

Been Font hunting too and still need to find just the right Font to carry my name loud and proud!