Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 re-cap

ok here is a quick re-cap from one before last post:
the school i signed in to didnt turn out to be what i wass looking for and i quit it quite quickly. my gorgeous Thunder took me on a weekend get-away for my b-day and proposed to me..
we set the date to October 12th and i changed jobes begining of the new year to a much better paying job where i actually use my head in its been almost a year since i started that job and i still like it.

wedding plans took over from around April and i was planing a bright purple dress for the wedding. it didn't come out right at the end and i was left at the last moment with searching for a new dress whch brought on some clashes of opinion when one of my chosen dresses was the cause of a full scale riot at home.
i ended up choosing a white simple bridel dress which was fine and comfortable and there wsa pwace at home.
the wedding was alot of fun even with a white dress...;)

i renewed one tattoo added a new wicked kitty to my right shoulder and since then have begun work on an over kill cover job. covring a small tattoo on my left upper arm with abright and very colorful winged Sonja. Painfull but worth it.
its not done yet so i am hoping on my third session we will finaly finish it.

i started doing pilatis and am enjoying it thoroughly
found a shoe designer that i adore (she sorted out my wedding shoes) and since then we have embarked on a long fruitfull realtionship and i just lately picked up my forth pair of her hand made shoes this time low cut boots. i am actually handling myself on heels

Thunder and me have had ups and downs as any couple and lately we are upnbecause i chhose not to let work and routine get in my way and affect my mood as much as before

Tomorrow we are meeting up for dinner with friends to celebrate my 31st b-day

life is good. this last year has been very exciting and a lot of fun.
i hope this coming year will be as fun as the last and even more

i wish all of us where ever we are to have a wonderful exciting productive new year

bottom line my predictions came true in the most amazing ways and have exceeded my expectaions..

happy cat

Wow It has been over a year

Well Well..
its almost my birthday and since then i have gotten married... yeah
and have been told by my new mother-in-law that she's expecting grandsons by my next birthday...
and life is grand i am maddly inlove and am so very happy.
i have tattooed Snoja with wings on my left shoulder and i have so much to write to update my ever lasting avid reader that he'll have to wait for a bit before i do so
but hey thanks for the heads up

i allways were better when upset (at writing) than when happy...
i guess that does go a long way...

good to know your still checking up on me...
check me out at the wedding