Tuesday, March 31, 2009

been sick, got the promotion i wanted, went shopping for the holidays, and am busy busy at work.
Started work shop with Skinny Tika and am looking forwards to our next meeting.

not much else to say but welcome to my husband who is now in the followers group..

will update when the next worthy thing to update comes about..

Till next time..

Friday, March 27, 2009

Later that Friday...

Been toying with an idea, i know quite a few people in my field who are friends to some extant all of us struggling in our own way to succeed in this field and in a sense all seem to be looking for more input of sorts, and/or a creativity pool that can be shared to pick each others brains for ideas. i know that with at least two of those friends, when we are together ideas stream more easily, we fertilize each other bouncing off each others ideas and thoughts and come up with new and innovative ideas.

i thought of how to peach this idea, how to bring some of us together under a kind of umbrella to peach ideas at each other, to find a new way to help creating something new.
I remember fondly my sessions with Romil which have always been productive and inspiring, also in art school during design class a bunch of us throwing ideas up, then it was simpler as it was part of the deal but even there and then you have the bunch of us that could go further with each other.

Dude said something the other day that caught my ear ,that coming up with new ideas for new pieces is harder to come by, which makes it harder to sit yourself down by the bench and work.

And Skinny*Tika suggested I'll be the test bunny for her study program i am her pilot for this new and hopefully successful new venture she tests her new study program on me and see where its working where it isn't so she can tighten and soothe out the chinks out in return i get a study program that will get me somewhere further than i am today and back in synch with what i still think is some unfulfilled potential in me.

so there is hope for me too.. the more i think of it there are more friends i can think of who can find this idea interesting.. i need to throw it at a few of them see who bites, see where we can take this idea, i am still probing this idea trying to figure out the workings of it see what can be done with it..


Friday of a long week, a very exhausting week,

glad its over.

no apartment, new spot opening at work and i recommended Romil to take it, asked for a promotion from Bear man, been told I'll get more benefits which works for me
spent some time with new friends, sent off some of my second hand clothes in a sort off clear out and left with 2 new 2hand Menes shirts forgoten at my new friends place,
came home late, went to sleep past out on the lousy lazy boy couch

woke up cranky... very.... Asprin can attest: Ouch in Thunders direction... fun'ish morning.. getting better though...... Latin sounds in the back ground epitomizing for me my ideal TLV which i am beginning to like again with the prospects of moving further into..

Had quite enough of Florentina...

oh i had so up to my eye brows with Florentina.. the wannabe heaven coated with dog poop, well it came out a bit harsh,, still left over crank still left in me i guess.

Asprine my dearest, i have been thinking of Amsterdam lately very fondly, missing the greyness the beer jugging chair calling late night incriminating calligraphy, vocal feline aphrodisiacs, damn Amsterdam oui madam no madam, Amsterdam... i miss the creativity we inspired in each other,
the need us colorful people feast on, how we take flight among our own kind, when that special bond blooms upon recognition of that special glint in the eyes, something just goes "Click" and with a bit of probing and subtle questioning you feel out the others color.... me and Asprine are both purple, so is the third part of our more public circle: E, there aren't that many purple people out there but of those, i have the honor of calling 5 my friends some are closer than others physically but all are always close to the heart.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Life as a Roller Coaster

First of all..


Check this out!!

You're the man.. my dear thank you for being you!

Thank you for being there in just the right time for me to meet you even though at times w both wish we were cats in another world... ;)

so no contract signed we are thinking that maybe the place we found wasn't meant to be.

I am fine with it.. strangely...

went to skinny tika she made my rings... thought it would be a joint effort but decided to let it flow..

Bottom line they look kick FFing ass...

Asprine sent me a true art piece that he made i am so proud of him...

Mom is coming over tomorrow, will be fun, haven't spent good all Mom time, i miss her with out noticing how much till we actually meet...

Cant wait for her to see my new 2tiger rings.. they came out so cool..

me proud of me too..

well its late, good night to us all!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hey Izzidore!

Have you noticed we have company?
two new followers have joined you in the not so empty anymore box of followers!

New followers, welcome!

Hope you enjoy me as much as Izzidore does at least... :)

Some lawyers are just to old to practice...


We were actually looking forwards to the contract signing and then after the first greeting with the oldest FFing lawyer alive we realized that he is still living in the past and seems to think this is the first contract we ever signed and above all are out to get the land lord fucked hard...
damn idiot..

He came up with all sort of disrespectful remarks and closes in the contract that simply wouldn't do till the whole thing blew up and we told our would be land lord that we do really want to sign but not with this draconian contract written up up by the damn old lawyer..

so we hope to find another laywer who is still in touch with reality and is not so sure we are out to get the land lord's mony and time.

So we probbaly go again sundy..

*Met up with Skinny and talked some shop we should be meeting again sundy to let some muse up and creat some nice slinky tiger rings, will update on the progress no worries..
then had the worst Pilatis class ever and hated (for the first time i promise) my teacher, i mean how many times can you hear your own name called in one class to realise your having a bad pilatis day?
Not her fault though she's the same i simply couldnt get it right in my head to day so instead of a fun pilatis i had a shit pilatis day ..
no matter i am sure monday will go better...

*Checked out work mail and order staus and i will be a busy busy bee again on sunday.. which is realy good in pointing my boss in the give-her-a-rise-soon! direction... good for me even better for my bank account and Pas over is justr around the correnr...

and just before Pass over there is our 2 year aniversery and a wedding of friends where my gorgeous Red-Sonja will have her first public debute.. oh and a hair cut to make sure i stand out even more in a crowd with the cool hair the tattoo's.. (who said you can't stand out in a wedding with out being the bride... ;), so yeah alot to look forward to and thats all after the move which still has to happen on April 1st... damn busy bee me...

*Hopefully soon KipodTatto will send me pitures of my Red-Sonja so you could see for yourself how gorgeous she is and how talanted they are!!

*M is still shutting me out and i think its been over two months now...
I hope to hera something from her soon, i hope she is doing well i miss her alot..
She shied away from the world and cut me off a while back and by now she doesn't even answer my e-Mails.. quite a bummer but i hope for her that she is making some progress and soon she'll be ready to come back to the world..

*There is still so much that needs to be done with packing and moving that we siply havent seemed to get around too and i hope that soon we will get our cute buts into action.. i want out of this match box and into the new place.. so much to do so little time....
this weekend seems to be about lounging and finnishing end bits from work that i dont think its going to happen this weekend but by next weekend i believe we will be up to our arm pitts in boxes and wrraping paper as we should be, start picking up cartons and strat digging into the Packing...

thats it for now.. till later may we all have a blessed weekend!

Wow what a show!

That exhibition yesterday all i can say is wow!

some truly amazing artistic art work made with gold diamonds and other precious colorful gems..
Saw some very original intuitive remarkable pieces.

Talin's check it out, i hope by then their website will be a bit more playful.

it's exciting to see true art made with this damn expansive alloy paved and frosted with diamonds and Rubie's and Sapphires, Multy-Color Tourmaline's ... very bling-bling very wow! big (as in 10ct and up) Aqua's and Amethyst's as you can figure i was blown away..

And the one of the most inspiring artist work i have seen ther belongs to this guy: Amitay Kav
now this guy is a true Master! without sounding too girly i have to say OMG!!!

i want a piece or two or twelf of his!! damn he is so good! i am totaly impressed with his expertise, a true unique artist who does everrything himself and i do mean everything!

Got to go sign a contract now.. (ite damn early in the damn Morn!)

Till later..

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Signing the contract tomorrow!

Tomorrow we are signing the contract for the new house and April 1st we are moving in!

i have to say i am a bit stressed about all the packing but i'll get through it some how.. one box at a time.

refreshed the colors in my blog and loving it all fresh and purpler.. (didn't even know that was an actual word LOL

Going to a jewelery exhibition opening today, and looking forwards to it hope i won't be disappointed.

My muse seems to be coming back to me after a long while, think it has some to do with the new space we are moving into where i have already allocated a space for a work bench and with the school being my main view from the balcony i have even less excuses not to do something about it.. hope i'll get my art going again..

Working where i work having all the findings and chains in gold and silver all around its hard to stay uninspired for too long so i hope that with the new space and hopefully some more freedom in the budget i will figure out how and how much and the rest of it..

The weekend is almost here and and with the sign up meeting happening so damn early in the morning we might make ut into a productive day..

Till later may isperation spreadits colorfull wings on us all!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

house is almost ours...

WE went to the place we thought we are going to rent to find out our potential land lord doesn't really wants to rent it at least not like most land lords do. we asked for white walls and less of his furniture and he insisted on leaving all the "fancy" color effects on the walls, you go move in to a place where each wall is at least two colors and make your self a home...

not us not here not ever..
so after realizing the guy doesn't really wants to rent out we decided to call another land lord who's place we already saw and can offer us a white walled three room apartment where we could really start our lives together..
tomorrow we are going to see him again and hopefully sign the paper works and start packing our tiny stuffed home in t0o boxes and start a new in a few weeks in a new white walled larger place..

I am quite excited about it and looking forwards to the move even though i cant be bothered with all the packing but hey its part of the fun, get rid of old shit and in with the new...

slightly further away from TA but quieter and bigger!

His bro disses it saying oh its too far.. his Mom says Jaffa? and scrunches her lip with that all so familiar look of disapproval... (i say sponsor another 2000 nis a month for rent and we will move in to the nicest place in the center of town just so she can brag that her boy has a nice place in a "good" are in TA.. i say again Bullshit...)

I like that fact that its far off and quite and away from everyone.. if they want to see us they will need to take the bus over... damn shame public transport is so un cool... hahaha...

i have big plans for this new place i imagine how we will decorate and organize it i am almost wet with anticipation for the built in closet in our bedroom.. damn thing has about 5 doors... finally there will be order and space for all the cloths his and mine in one big closet!!

Where did my life go to that big spacious closets and white walls get me wet?

Maybe its this tiny place that got to me or i have finaly grew up and wanta grewn up house to make my own...
i have fantasies of curtains.. airy transparent curtains.. flowing.. white curtains..
a sunny greenery like balcony for all the cacti to sun bathe..
i dream of early morning coffee on the baloney facing green views before work...

dinners by a dining table just me and my love. friends over not sitting on top of each other but actually next to each other in a normal living space not ruled by computers and the TV...

having a real life like a married couple, maybe in a years time even extending our little family and bringing a bundle of joy to it too...

yes i want kids i want a ginger headed love child.. a few actually.. I'd like to have three.. maybe more.. ?