Thursday, February 26, 2009

so house hunting again

well well i am back on the spot un-flexing my writing muscles and looking to find out if i can blog when in a good place in life or is my muse restricted to bad times only,
Mom says this is what i am good at (writing) and that i should keep at it..
so much has happened since i visited here last, not counting pre-birthday babel..
but it was nice to look back at all that happened since that last post before my 30 b-day, there was a wedding planing thingy and the white dress issue and a whole world war regarding checkered print dress until we settled on plain all bridle attire.

there is the not so new job i have been hanging on for the last year+ , its fun and frustrating all in one go, like most jobs really are.

try confining a 5 (then 4 then only 3) women in one small space(including the couple who owns the place which are a whole news bulletin of a disaster area) and the roof will blow a few times a month.. obviously,
but its challenging and fun most days, other days its something to do between 9-5 which doesn't include too much fun but pays the bills.
Hubie started his own company with mates, he's busy most of the time and i by now recoiled being married to the appendage lap top that comes with being married to a very gorgeous smart sensitive creative amazing lover Scorpio computer lover who makes his living through the damn thinking machines, it does have amazing benefits but its still a mistress.
me and the laptop have a love-hate relationship but hey it beats having such a relationship with a flesh and blood mistress...
my artistic muse is away on most days and i am left with day dreaming about all the funky jewels i could create with the large selection on offer at my job, hoping for more money or the investor that will be willing to pay for all the stuff i want to make.. i pay bills and enjoy a bit of life next to it but not much left over for these luxuries yet...

we are house hunting again, looking for a larger living space, this one is simply way yo small to accommodate us by now and that specific issue will come on the table this coming Saturday when we are hosting a family Shabat lunch including his Mom and Dad, my Mom his Brother and his brothers girlfriend... and no escaping to the spacious roof as the forecast is stormy,
meaning a very claustrophobic nerve raking lunch for us, i hope I'll come through with some colors hovering over the ground...

just the thought of the confined space with the stress of entertain the whole family and food and his Mother and mine and and and...
a tad stressful..

but it sharpened the need of a larger living space and narrowed the search to places which are above 65 square meters at least. anything less simply wouldn't do, so we are looking or I am looking and Hubie tags along for the ride.

we have seen one really nice place size wise but the kitchen was made for very small built people which is a big NO so the search is still on.
and that is where I'll be heading to now, Yad2 here i come


assaf said...

Ho- ho, Miss Kittin, I am engaged- not with a kid, yet…
Great dress you have and a big wolf! Loved it, I want to do some more Tattoos; there is a show on Discovery channel on a Tattoo shop in Miami- “Miami Ink”. My friend from ‘Pentagram Tattoo’ in Dizingof St. call it ‘Miami stink’, yah, they are not that god. I still am looking where to do it. And about checking you once in a while- I’m home sick, and memories, and really enjoying reading what you are writing, it’s god, maybe you’ll take my long lost advice and do a carrier out of it?
I came to Florida after my love, and anyhow, where can I use my Spanish? Not in Israel that for sure. I’m working with art here in Miami, which is a great city, a lot of fun here, a lot (-`
There are some photos of me if you want to see at my Facebook page:

red-headed-cat said...

first of all i am happy for you,

i am also surprised you are still checking up on me, my one and only avid reader.. i'm flattered and blushing some...

by the way if by wolf you were referring to my tat, well its still another kitty... duh.. and i finally finished my last ink project: my winged Red Sonja, pic's will follow promise.
you and my Mom both think i should turn it into a day job of sorts i am still struggling with myself over my "capability's for this "gift-curse".
but i am glad you like it.
its good to finally put a face on the anonymous reader though.. a nice face too..
i promise to keep at it , maybe one day i will feel confident enough to make it in to a life.

send my best to your love and stay tuned

take care and have fun and next time you want ink done check Kipod tattoo they are the best! they have a page on face book too you should check out!

till laters my dear