Thursday, April 02, 2009

what a hectic day...

Someone up there wanted us to earn this weekend super bad...
its been a nightmarish day again.. busy busy busy..

fighting off fires at every step.. damn it..

they already said they want another girl to join the team and i already offered Romil as a prime candidate but they are still busy chasing their tail and we are still trying hard not to crumble under the stress..

we all have just a bit too much on our plates and its becoming too damn much to handle...
i asked Romil to fax over her CV to see if that will make the Bosses move in the right direction, and having one more person and hopefully Romil as the one will make wonders for me at work, finally someone i can relate to at work who understands my jokes and has made more use of the Grey goo between the ears!

i work with nice girls but i have nothing more than the common conversation with it can get lonely..

so i am hoping for a relaxing weekend of resting before the big haul of before the holidays and a wedding off course.. that's Monday and Sunday Thunder and me are celebrating our 2 year anniversary... don't know yet what we are going to do as i have a Skinny Tika session and a hair cut that same evening.. maybe we just party the next day at the wedding..

silly how these days the only time we actually get to do a fun night out is wedding related.. on normal weekends or other "night-outs" we are simply too busy or too tiered to be bothered.

so Weddings it is and as the wedding season has just started there will most likely be more.. Ally-Cat is getting married in August and there is another family wedding in June or July...

so that will probably our next nights out..

We are going to try and meet up with Romil and her Dreadlocks Husband during the pass over thingy.. but from experience i have little faith..
going to see the Dude see whats up with him, going to bitch and moan to him over coffee..

best weekend to all!

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