Wednesday, April 01, 2009

jumping Pilate Rocks!

was my first time doing the jumping thingy and its so much fun, fun like we had as kids on the playground!

today i went Polish on his MOM no worry's it was good polish, she said she didn't want anything for Pass Over and i insisted so she said that she would enjoy white flowers so i organized a flower delivery to her place from my favorite flower shop in TLV of a tall arrangement of white flowers to be delivered before the holidays, boy is she going to love those damn flowers, i cant wait to see the arrangement they will make her... She will know better next time that resistance is futile when it comes to my Polish gene!!

got my special extra from Bear man today and was informed he meant to pay me more so next month with the misunderstanding out of the way i will get a fatter envelope..

i am glad this week is almost over and a blessed weekend is upon us. last Saturday we went to Haifa and back within 6hr, it sucks!! damn Service cabs of Sabbath... (sounds like a lame glam rock album..:).

still busy busy at work but i actually love it, now that the roles are defined and they let me get on with my work, its easier, and thank god it has been a busy month..

wishing all a happy sunny peaceful weekend

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