Wednesday, May 26, 2010

oh, i am so irritated.
damn bicycle has a flat tire and i cant take the damn wheel off its stuck, husband is asleep on couch and we are broke...

one funny thing though its been a year to the day since i last wrote....
funny huh?

apparently the flat tire happened mid of last night... strange and annoying...

i could so go for a ride now clear my head some...

have these plans on creating but missing basic tools try and get them by the weekend...
get the damn flat inflated again..
husband has quit smoking so he is all huffy puffy and irate.

i wanna go out and have no money and no bike feel caged in trapped in my own head
need an escape route need a purpose

need to break out of the mundane rut need out need wings to take me off this place to somewhere cool need a change
frustrated pissed off annoyed wanna smoke so bad damn it...
on the verge of tears..wanna scream wanna kick things around
want out of this place out of this town out of my skin in to something else..
don't want to cope just want to throw everything away and run run far away from here

try a different path this time a different place start over try a new

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