Tuesday, May 26, 2009

House hunting is over!

We have found a home!

yesterday we signed our contract for our new place, so that's done and now its time to pack.
the big move is on Monday and no more cramped living space!

this new place is much bigger than this one 3.5 rooms( the what you call half room is going to be my den till the patter of tiny feet will be heard through the house)

we actually going to have a living room a study for Thunders company and no more computer and work talk in my living room(!!) and a kitchen that is a kitchen and not just a space to cook in.

big wall units in the bed room and the half room, wall units!! from floor to ceiling! never though wall units will make me so happy but after sharing a small closet made for one (with Husband who God bless his soul has a truly impassive collection of cloths) for two bloody years, the thought of having two (TWO) wall to wall wall units is absolutely heaven!

I just want to move already and start nesting in our new place make it our own, hang our wedding pictures up and play house in a real house, start making plans for a bigger family.

I am excited!

Oh and one more thing this new place is up on the seventh floor out of eight and we get uninterrupted view of Jaffa and Tel Aviv which is only beatable by my Mom's place in Haifa and the seventh floor breeze which is a true necessity living by the beach with the humidity rising to 80% in July and August!

now we only wait for the movers to stop by with boxes to help us move and they will be here eventually i hope.

Tomorrow's Mom's Birthday and we will get some quality time together which has been earned for quite a while, and its White Night in Tel Aviv tomorrow as well so there will be a lot to do (in between packing) and a long holiday weekend in which to pack in.

That's the latest update happy packing to us all!

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