Monday, December 25, 2006

another movie scenario been flushed down the toilet, after a veryverbal thingy came a very unverbal thingy who was sp much more attractive and ilusive by being all sexy and mystirous but thats over now so i can move on with mylife and plan on having a good time in my last week of being 28..
been coming to all sorts of conclusions about my life and where its going and why i have made the mistakes i've made in my past, this is a time of better understanding of oneslef. in hope this new knoledge will saty with me and help me keep on evolving into something better and healthier.
i am now willing to admmit to wanting realtionships and those only and as long as they are healthy.. i know i have great things awaiting to happen to me as soon as i'll be ready to embrace them whole heartedly, i know i cant rush them just cause i can feel them in my gut that they are going to happen. its fruastrating at times but thats just life.
also having a bit of a crisis with school dont know if i want to go on or not as that is extra fraustrating latley. i'm trying to think it through and make my decicssion based on how i really feel and not based on my ever changing mood.
i am still happy with myself most of the time i know myself better and like myself better and forgive myself when i need to.
in the meantime life goes on and i go with it looking farward to my birthday this saturday hoping it will be at least half the fun if not more the fun as last year..
speaking of which, it seems like so much time has past and so much has happened in this one year, from breaking up with ex to moving in with my mom starting this blog and meeting cheff and breaking up with him, moving out and living on my own.. realizing that i finally enjoy myself in tel aviv and israel in the whole..
i feel more acomplished now than ever...
to this new amazing year coming upon us..
i intend on being good to myself and happy with myself...
as we all should.

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