Wednesday, April 25, 2007

TT as in Audi TT..

sit back enjoy the ride, but don't dare fall in love with it, you can not afford too!!
thats what i have been doing for a while.. TT, i know i made some life changing decision, but i could not resist the the temptation upon meeting TT. so while the "thing" TT and i have is fun and a lot of fun i need to add..
i knew what i was getting myself into. i know what are the TT's weakness and i have become quite familiar with his strengths.. so a "thing" is what I'll call it and see where it would take TT and me next..
And on other fronts: school starts again next week (wax carving..), not really sure how i'm going to pay for it but Arik promised me he will chip in and the rest.. well I'll come up with it somehow, somehow being the key word...
haven't been much to my place lately and that includes my pub too.. i have a feeling they might miss me.. at least i hope they do.. but thats the thing again with TT you don't seem to find anything better then taking it for another and another ride.. when every time is even more exciting than the one before you just want more and more.. who could blame me?
the TT doesn't seem to mind my joyriding so I'm not going to be the one to stay stop at least not yet..
and if it ain't broken..
asprine seems to be having his share of joyriding too.. hooray asprine!! in his back side of the world..
while the rest of them safe gray boxes people pile themselves to and from work.. others like us go joyriding.. just the way it should be!!
till next time..
i know its short but hey thats all i have for now..
keep that damn motor on babe!!

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