Wednesday, May 09, 2007

news flash! i was right!

yes indeed , no matter what my friends think they see or have seen into my thing with TT i was right all along in my choice of denial. as i am right. they were wrong. i am happy to be right bout it too. means my instincts are still working!
we had a chat bout it TT and me, on msn. got it all out clear in the open, he wont commit/attach or whatever ATM (At The Moment: his words..) so now that that is out in the open we can just go on having fun like we had before and then some..
i am happy to announce that there have been no butterfly's activity detected after all, i am safe, i could see us having something more but the decision hasn't dropped itself on me like a ton of bricks flown in by troops of butterfly's.. Ha!!

there is something bout him that just gets my juices going! i cant get enough...
i am a happy camper, an inspired camper, this gives me a new place to spread my wings in writing: for the first time.. i wrote erotica.. ;))

on a completely truly different matter, my mom and my brother have put me between them as the mediator on trying to meet both for lunch, they don't communicate by themselves or they bite each other heads off.. i am a bit fed up with this one but i try to talk reason to both of them and try to show each one what it is that stops them from talking.. i am the translator..
it took six sms and two phone calls to pass on the idea of lunch Sunday: from the first idea mom had of going one place and my brother's lack in need of seeing her and going that far for lunch, to the hunt of a place that would work for all.. damn long!

i love them both very much and still its annoying they cant talk to each other like i can with her or with him , openly and a lot, at least with my mom that is. me and my brother have a strange kind of distant relationship, maybe its age difference or maybe all the time both of us spend out of the same country, we are just not that close even though when we do meet we have a good time together, remembered most the time he went out with me and my one before last ex we went out with some friends and had a really good time. first boyfriend my brother could speak Hebrew to... and now that he lives in china, my brother not my ex, every time he is in country we try to meet which off course for my mom is a big deal and a big hassle for my brother.
so lets hope for peace on all fronts.
signing off. over and out.

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