Tuesday, June 19, 2007


had a really good weekend, met his mom, and shes one cool lady!
went to a really good party, then back to his mom, till last train. I'd like to think his mom approves of me even though i don't think he would have to much of a problem if she doesn't, and still..
i think we have our own first privet joke: GMTA, just something that keeps popping up when we chat on msn, so i gave it a short cut: Great Minds Think Alike! or his take on it: Got Me Trembling Again... i like both and mine brings his and it just keeps on happening so its sweet..
i hope we get to see the Apt. tomorrow finally if we could only get out of bed in time..
I'm excited bout the move and a bit scared but its good scared. i cant wait to see it from the inside and check out the view from the balcony, yes the place has a balcony!! just what i have been wishing for ever since i moved out of my first place in TLV.
i have Friday off and maybe he will too, i still don't know what we are going to do but as long as we spend at least some of it together in bed I'm a happy camper...

I'm excited bout us i can admit to myself by now how i feel about him and i can almost say it out loud to friends i want to shout it out for the whole world to know but I'm still unable to say it to him.. i know he can sense it but i want it said too, i don't expect an immediate response i just want it out.. it would be nice to hear him say it too but in his own time, i have given enough hints to my state of mind so i'm sure he knows and its all such thrill full ride!!
i am happy!

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