Friday, June 01, 2007

another chunck has fell off my armour

its close now very close, scary close. soon i'll be exposed totally and from there there is no way back, not that i'd regret loosing my Armour just that i got used to it, but i am kind of excited bout it too..
i can't put all the blame on him but he is helping, and it isn't such a painful thing to feel your Armour crumbling all around you, when the way it usually happens with me is through really strong climaxes..
and so yesterday we had a a really good session that left my eyes leaking, i was still afraid to let him see it but he got a hint or two bout it and he seems to be dealing with it just fine..:)

i have been having strange dreams since then, my first ex showed up in my dream after years and i do mean years that i haven't thought of him.. we had some kind of confrontation in my dream but i cant remember over what. and then the other day i dreamed of my last ex (the cook) and again it was a confrontational dream.. i know its all connected somehow, comes together with the Armour breaking down, maybe i am finally letting go?
time will tell.
good night and good luck to us all!

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