Sunday, May 10, 2009

last week quick re-cap

last week....

my brother came by, on a short holiday break away from work, away from China.

he brought with him a birtday gift for Mom, this sleek and cool and at times fraustratin brand new lap top i am now enjoying!

he also brought a whole bunch of talking telling us of his life there, how diffrent it is from here in all sort of strange ways.

He also filled in some blanks and shed light on our late grand fathers life, before he came to Israel from Poland, stories Mom was probablly never going to tell me and probably never will, i can understand her reasons but its still feels good to know more of him and his life before he came here, it was facinating to hear and felt good, Brother and me bonding

So now i have this brand new toy, for now, to play with and learn of so when we bring it over to Mom she could have fun with it too.. and maybe finaly start puting the novel in her head in to writing.

we are stilli looking for a place to live, no luck there yet, and its becoming really fraustrating by now.

me and Thunder are stiil not in total synch regarding the where abouts of where it should be located and what we are willing to compormise and what we aren't willing to compormise inside the place what we are willing and can tolorate , i see potentail in alot of places, at times because i really do want to move out of here at other times its simply that bad. He has issues with older more mature appartments, where i see charm he see's bugs.

work is demanding as well, my weeks seem so loaded all the time. i am running from here to there almost half the week coming home late after Pilate or Skinny Tikka sessions on the bench crafting, last week was also when i got tottaly shit faced on Margarita's celebrating Cinco de Maio so called Mexican American Independants Day... some one should whisper to the Mexicans and keep them in the loop, by Itche"s qoute they know nothing about this special day.
so then after a long and very productive day after finnishing up in the studioi took my very happy energy and climed up to their roof to salute my self with some Margaritas, foot note: on a very emp-ty stomuc....tham tham tham..... i get shit faced compeltely on margarits.. not quite sure how i got home its somewhere ther in flashes between black spaces. got home crashed woke up feeling well drunk! Yatta! n i got to go to work like that: Green. needless to say i throw up at work and start feeling ohh slightly better slightly!

but i have to say before it went tottaly off it was alot of fun Rose Itch and myself havent hung around that much for a while and it was cozy, till i got too drunk and fled the scene.

Spoke to Tomy too, told me of his Fathers paasing long estranged father, so that was strange and sad too, strange in we both have absent fathers, he had a chance to meet his before he passed and thats a blessing in a way. mine is still out there and i am still unsure how i really feel about him, Tomy has allways been encoraging ragarding finding him, and offred to help constantly.

besides that there was the mini drama that occred behind the scenes in regards to Tomy's latest job interview, it included my mother in law... and thats where i draw the line on this story.

theres been a quite weekend Thunder being busy up to his ears with work, he still is.

Crazy Girl came back to life via e-mail, yeah i am talking bout you!
and it was such a nice surprise to hear from her after all this time, good on you girl!

there is more but i am crashing so till next time, may we finaly find a place!

lights out.


A said...

So what about this week?

red-headed-cat said...

Dearest Boy A

please get intouch outside the blog so i could tell you just how facinationg this week has been...