Sunday, May 03, 2009

realizations and some more realizations

its been a bit of a rough few weeks, a lot has happened a lot has been thought of, a lot has been building inside and left to boil over till we finally talked it over and finally got it out in the open to look at and think whats next.

Drum Roll Please: my biological clock has started ticking...Tick Tok Tick Tok....

yes, it does and it scares me and excites me and it seems that most likely this was starting point of my somber moods and panic attacks my loving Man had to endure lately before i was even able to say it out loud, its been lingering at the back of my head and throwing doubt at just about everything.

I am glad to say that now that its out in the open and in the spot light its still scary/exciting but at least it has a name and a face and i know its the main reason why i have been freaked out for a bit.. worried about money, can we afford a bigger place, my loving Man's trouble with rising in the morning... all under the great umbrella of realizing that i Do want kids.. everything seems to fall in to place and have new proportions shed light to all nagging fears and doubts.

damn holiday fest is finally over and we are back to normal full weeks at work so i have more time to juggle all my duties and find my tail i have been chasing for two weeks, never having enough time to follow things through and be more in control of my desk.

there was a hope for a new place and that has been put back on the shelf once again in wait to see how this coming month will cast its prosperous light on my Man's new business, we will see after this month what is our budget and how big of a place we can really get without having nasty surprises the month after, we hope the business will finally find some stable wind under its wings and it will finally take flight which isn't fledgling and stop stuttering and being fragile.
big decisions have to be made, our future has to be taken care of!

Schooling at skinny Tikka's moving forward, and i am loving it! the need to pound on metal and bend it and twist it to meet my wiles is such a release and a satisfaction!

so tomorrow i will finish one piece and start on my Bling and soon enough be the proud creator of my first hand made Bad ass Bling!

Been thinking of a name for my line and i think i have found it: Aclectica i like the ring of it and it seems to fit my diverse choices in materials

Been Font hunting too and still need to find just the right Font to carry my name loud and proud!


assaf said...

Good luck my dear- with the kid and the business and with the B.A.B!

red-headed-cat said...

thanks a bunch my dear but what the F**K is B.A.B?


assaf said...

Bad Ass Bling
you love this acronym