Thursday, July 13, 2006

this is an email i sent to a new friend thought it would br relavent so here it is

it wasnt much your hebrew as the typ'Os but hey i want jugde..
how i got into BDSM? well i think i always had the inkling but didnt know how to call it, i always enjoyed provocking ppl around me, i was known for the more important part of my life to go by the nic :kinky.. i explored that side i enjoyed rougher sex spanking hair pulling scratching reciving and giving i find the markings to be arousing but i never knew i would enjoy it as much as i do now.. since i met D with His very dominant persona and His recognising the Sub in me he introduced me into the more painfull(in a good way only in a good way!!) side of it, it started with rougher sex than i was used to. it brought all kinds of hidden deamons up to the surface which were dealt with the most tender loving caring way anyone has ever treated them and so i have dealt with them better since than i have excepted them for what they are: a part of me and now they dont haunt me as they have b4. from there the games got more MORE.. the whip came out the discplain the obidiance which came naturly to me it felt libarating to just let go and do as i am told i trust Him completely he knows my bounderis before i know them and every time slowly but surely takes them further.. He mentioned going to the doungeon ever since i met Him but with held that placefrom til he felt i was ready, we went there about three weeks ago and i had no idea what was going to happen there, but when IT happened i just went along with it and surprised my self with how much i enjoyed being straped to the wall and floged... when the ppl of the place watching the whole session.. i must say it was an amazing feeling took me a few days to wipe the smile from myself i loved the marks that were left on my ass and thigh all purple and red wish they could stay longer.. they fade out too quickly.. in our day to day life the Dom -Sub realtionship is subtle i enjoy serving Him where ever he asks or hints to. as He takes care of me in more ways than anybody ever has and makes sure of my well being in more ways than i could wish for. He chalnges me in so many ways i am a better person to myself and those around me thanks to His guidance and support.i realized i have wings and that they always been there, the wings i always longed for are there and glorios and He keeps reminding me its all me He is just there to hold my hand as i stepp over the abyss..
i love Him but am not inlove with Him which allows me to enjoy Him with other women till noe none have been into this scene but i know we shall find me a Sub to play with as i too have the need to Dominate and as He wont let Himslf be Dominated by another and as i dont wish to Dominate Him i know the right person will find thier way to us.. since i met Him i have explored my sexualty and enjoy sharin woman with Him giving and reciving pleasure to and from them.
responde and i will continue..


IsidoreDeKass said...

Life never cease to surprise isn't it?, see you're post at start and them now, wonderful...

red-headed-cat said...

life is just full of theses little surprises dont you think? one only needs to rais e their head from the day life and notice the magic that is just waiting to enter your life if you would only take notice..
i look at life with open eyes and and bright smile and let the magic touch me..
so yeah i look back and see the progress it is JOY to know i am not standing still something is always happning i am in motion to a better now that is becoming a better future..

you know you still owe me that drink.. ;)))