Saturday, October 28, 2006

so yesterday i had to close my post as he came home at the most akward moment, in the middle of a crying fit. he comes over askes me whats up, i say i will be fine and he doesnt bite it so i tell him its all in the letter...
he goes over reads the letter, i'm all nevrves not so sure anymore it was such a good idea that he should read it, and waiting for some response which isnt coming i wait longer before giving up and asking him if he has anything to say about it... (the bomb falls..) he has nothing to say bout it...
all of a sudden i have closeure..
mr sensetivty is all words no action. his way his terms his time or nothing. all this talk of us staying friends is all bull how can you be my friend if you dont care to react to my woes.. how can you think that things are just plain normal cause you said that how they should be?
so now that all is out in the open and i know where i stand (out the door..) i can move on without looking back, and leave the sad basterd to his deamons and illusions of grandure.
i'm having a sick thought of saying thanks for making it so clear for me.. (i wont at least not yet..)
Romil allways said the best revenge is to lead a damn good life whaich is just what i am going to do no regrets no looking back..

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