Friday, February 23, 2007

news flash...

so when i thought it was just bout over, that i can start getting over "new-guy" he decides to show up at my work today totally out of the blue, shocked me completely.. was glad my boss was there to make sure i wont drop anything thing and act semi normal..
have no idea what brought the idea to his mind that left me completely dumb founded.. not a thing that happenes to me: me speechless...(all my new friends choking on their meal when they hear i was never this verbal before.. apperently i wont shut up unless am asleep..).

so he shows up, i'm totaly shocked, he acts normally talks with my boss and is all friendly while i try to recall how to breath without hyper vantilating.. not very elagant of me i must add..
we chit chat about mostly nothing, in my head all this questions keep screaming to be asked and i have no clue where to start..

to those of you who are not in the "know" i kind of ambushed him in his home town about three weeks ago, it didnt go well (DUH!!) and i havent heard from him since, the "dear Andy" post was my way of dealing with what has happend and i have to say i was a goodgirl and havent initiated contact till he showed up in the shop today.. that should explain my shock and surprise..

now that we are all updated i can go back to ranting.. here i go here i go here i here i go:
so i got off work, asked him what's he doing now? he said he is wandering bout and needs to be somewhere round some time, so he came with me to a friends shop and we are still chit chating on the way i try to hide my confusion as best as i can, and am glad to hear he is making progress in his life: he signed up for some digital study thingy, and he is trying to find a place in tel aviv, he seems to be more relaxed and even smiles more.. which is a good thing. i am actually really proud of him.. i asked him if he read the post that was ment for him and he says he hasnt got around to it yet and he wil try this weekend..( i think in my twisted mind would he still have come if he would have read it..?) kind of pissed that he hasnt yet, but its there so he actually might now..? i walk him to his bus useing up all the time this surprise visit will allow me as i have no idea when i shall see him again.. i find out that he's actually staying over in tel aviv for the night and i am heading to my mom for the weekend which is where i am at right now..

bottom line: i am more confused than ever and i promised myself i wil not initiate contact and let him make his moves or not.. i will learn to be patient the really hard way...
here goes nothing.. wish me luck i so need it now..


Assaf said...

New boy, old boy, what does it meter?
As long as you feel, just to feel it’s good and it’s nice. To be speechless in front of a boy? I wish I would feel like that once again.
And you’re saying that the boy is going to study digital arts/ media somewhere? Kalisher/ shankar/ Holon maybe?. Good for him.
And in related but other story, I was offered no so long ago (two weeks) to teach a course in Bezalel – “Digital Culture…” He will be study at my friend’s courses.
And I want to do a new Tattoo, but I need to design it first, it will take a while, maybe I’ll do it at Kipod…
Any how – good luck to him, especially – to you

red-headed-cat said...

its not such a big deal anymore, not really..
he is going for some small scale course i think the big schools are again a bit too much exposure for him to aim at..
good luck with your study's and your tat, Kipod is the best btw.. ;))