Sunday, February 18, 2007

well as i should have known there was no response from dear Andy, so i'll try ando stop waiting. just drop the matter for at least a good long while till i'll get fed up with it and check up on him..

after the honesty buissnes is out of the way we can move on to the useall ranting of the above-avarge-single-girl about town.. in two words: it sucks!
its truelly anoying to know that you are looking for something and/or someone while trying your hands at this whole "goining out" hoping something remotley intresting might come out of it.
as it is that obvius for everyone with a pair of eyes in their heads that you are "looking" which kind of cramps your non-chalante style " i'm just here having fun with friends-being queen of cool- am not in any way searching for someone to pluck me of my feet-offer a night of magic..."

i mean i know both sides are searching, and i know that there is something about me that intimidates men, so when i make the move before they got around to find the last location of thier lost balls, they are just not ready or willing to play ball with me(pun very much intended..).
so after a weekend of actually going out i can say: 1- going out with my best (male) friend is fun but the men dont seem to catch up on the totally platonice vibe going on and are not even trying. 2. going out with my best (female)girlfriend is fun too but we need to plan our outing better and try and target a place where our presence will be better noticed and appriciated..

i want to be adored and admired while out and about town!!

so all you men out there here is your new mission in life: lift yourselvs from the mundane and try something new it will change your whole view on life, try something diffrent it just might surprise you..


Assaf said...

....A bit obscure isn't it?, stile, i loved the thing with the long lost balls...
Good luck with all of that

red-headed-cat said...

obscure how?
and keep watching this spot as there are new developments..