Thursday, March 19, 2009

Signing the contract tomorrow!

Tomorrow we are signing the contract for the new house and April 1st we are moving in!

i have to say i am a bit stressed about all the packing but i'll get through it some how.. one box at a time.

refreshed the colors in my blog and loving it all fresh and purpler.. (didn't even know that was an actual word LOL

Going to a jewelery exhibition opening today, and looking forwards to it hope i won't be disappointed.

My muse seems to be coming back to me after a long while, think it has some to do with the new space we are moving into where i have already allocated a space for a work bench and with the school being my main view from the balcony i have even less excuses not to do something about it.. hope i'll get my art going again..

Working where i work having all the findings and chains in gold and silver all around its hard to stay uninspired for too long so i hope that with the new space and hopefully some more freedom in the budget i will figure out how and how much and the rest of it..

The weekend is almost here and and with the sign up meeting happening so damn early in the morning we might make ut into a productive day..

Till later may isperation spreadits colorfull wings on us all!

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