Friday, March 20, 2009

Wow what a show!

That exhibition yesterday all i can say is wow!

some truly amazing artistic art work made with gold diamonds and other precious colorful gems..
Saw some very original intuitive remarkable pieces.

Talin's check it out, i hope by then their website will be a bit more playful.

it's exciting to see true art made with this damn expansive alloy paved and frosted with diamonds and Rubie's and Sapphires, Multy-Color Tourmaline's ... very bling-bling very wow! big (as in 10ct and up) Aqua's and Amethyst's as you can figure i was blown away..

And the one of the most inspiring artist work i have seen ther belongs to this guy: Amitay Kav
now this guy is a true Master! without sounding too girly i have to say OMG!!!

i want a piece or two or twelf of his!! damn he is so good! i am totaly impressed with his expertise, a true unique artist who does everrything himself and i do mean everything!

Got to go sign a contract now.. (ite damn early in the damn Morn!)

Till later..

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assaf said...

Yah, you know i have a frind that deals with dsign and desiners, she studied in Bezalel, and she know all the people and all of this things. but she not having any website. once i even made her - how it's called? book when you going to a job interview?... i dont remember. but here in Miami we have an entire district for designers