Monday, March 23, 2009

Life as a Roller Coaster

First of all..

Check this out!!

You're the man.. my dear thank you for being you!

Thank you for being there in just the right time for me to meet you even though at times w both wish we were cats in another world... ;)

so no contract signed we are thinking that maybe the place we found wasn't meant to be.

I am fine with it.. strangely...

went to skinny tika she made my rings... thought it would be a joint effort but decided to let it flow..

Bottom line they look kick FFing ass...

Asprine sent me a true art piece that he made i am so proud of him...

Mom is coming over tomorrow, will be fun, haven't spent good all Mom time, i miss her with out noticing how much till we actually meet...

Cant wait for her to see my new 2tiger rings.. they came out so cool..

me proud of me too..

well its late, good night to us all!


assaf said...

I didn’t get it- was it for me or for Asprine... apparently for him.
And who is Asprine?
I’ve already been there, I have photos of my own, but it is nice to remember the good old days in South America. And don’t mind on this apartment, there will be much much more of them keep on coming (-`
You one happy cat- no more packing for in the mean while

A said...

:) Thank you for that one

Miss ya around,
could use the inspiration.

Tata J.

A said...

Thank you for that one.

Missing your inspiration
Hope you guys come back one day to fill in this purple-lacking nation...

Tata, love J