Friday, March 27, 2009

Later that Friday...

Been toying with an idea, i know quite a few people in my field who are friends to some extant all of us struggling in our own way to succeed in this field and in a sense all seem to be looking for more input of sorts, and/or a creativity pool that can be shared to pick each others brains for ideas. i know that with at least two of those friends, when we are together ideas stream more easily, we fertilize each other bouncing off each others ideas and thoughts and come up with new and innovative ideas.

i thought of how to peach this idea, how to bring some of us together under a kind of umbrella to peach ideas at each other, to find a new way to help creating something new.
I remember fondly my sessions with Romil which have always been productive and inspiring, also in art school during design class a bunch of us throwing ideas up, then it was simpler as it was part of the deal but even there and then you have the bunch of us that could go further with each other.

Dude said something the other day that caught my ear ,that coming up with new ideas for new pieces is harder to come by, which makes it harder to sit yourself down by the bench and work.

And Skinny*Tika suggested I'll be the test bunny for her study program i am her pilot for this new and hopefully successful new venture she tests her new study program on me and see where its working where it isn't so she can tighten and soothe out the chinks out in return i get a study program that will get me somewhere further than i am today and back in synch with what i still think is some unfulfilled potential in me.

so there is hope for me too.. the more i think of it there are more friends i can think of who can find this idea interesting.. i need to throw it at a few of them see who bites, see where we can take this idea, i am still probing this idea trying to figure out the workings of it see what can be done with it..

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