Friday, March 27, 2009


Friday of a long week, a very exhausting week,

glad its over.

no apartment, new spot opening at work and i recommended Romil to take it, asked for a promotion from Bear man, been told I'll get more benefits which works for me
spent some time with new friends, sent off some of my second hand clothes in a sort off clear out and left with 2 new 2hand Menes shirts forgoten at my new friends place,
came home late, went to sleep past out on the lousy lazy boy couch

woke up cranky... very.... Asprin can attest: Ouch in Thunders direction... fun'ish morning.. getting better though...... Latin sounds in the back ground epitomizing for me my ideal TLV which i am beginning to like again with the prospects of moving further into..

Had quite enough of Florentina...

oh i had so up to my eye brows with Florentina.. the wannabe heaven coated with dog poop, well it came out a bit harsh,, still left over crank still left in me i guess.

Asprine my dearest, i have been thinking of Amsterdam lately very fondly, missing the greyness the beer jugging chair calling late night incriminating calligraphy, vocal feline aphrodisiacs, damn Amsterdam oui madam no madam, Amsterdam... i miss the creativity we inspired in each other,
the need us colorful people feast on, how we take flight among our own kind, when that special bond blooms upon recognition of that special glint in the eyes, something just goes "Click" and with a bit of probing and subtle questioning you feel out the others color.... me and Asprine are both purple, so is the third part of our more public circle: E, there aren't that many purple people out there but of those, i have the honor of calling 5 my friends some are closer than others physically but all are always close to the heart.

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