Monday, February 20, 2006

Been A Good Day!

been a good day today, made alot of progress at school, welded/soldered.. (you choose which ever one is corect) my first two trail rings today!! showed my teacher my design for wedding rings, and i think i even heard a glimmer of a compliment:"the design is intresting" (yey me!!!) so we sat down and talked it through , how and what and where to get it... i'm excited bout it..
worked in a difrent shop today, in the city of dark lights. was a nice change just being away from Boss woman, and made an important decsion bout school:i'm taking wednsday off work to stay in school till late and make up for my forced leave. this way i can probably keep up the pace with the class and hopefully catch up. i also got intresting homework at design class which means i have some good ideas and i'm excited bout starting to play with them and see what happens. hopefully they would work out half as what i expect them to.
besides all things i'm flirting with this guy online who might be reading this... (if you hope you enjoy yourself.. ;)
so maybe i'll get some next week... that would be fun as i really wish someone will finaly catch me in the two days after that time of the month when i am at my peak.. i think i could make someone truelly, happy he'd probably need a holliday afterwards to lick all his wounds but he'll be smiling just the same while doing it...

having someone when i am in that state of mind whould truely be divine pleasure!!!

ok it's geeting late cinderella is going to bed.. long day again tomorow..


IsidoreDeKass said...

Good to read that you feel well.
Do you study at- Holon academic institute of technology?.
If you do, that's nice, cause a friend of mine is teaching there for couple of year's.
Enjoy Kitty, only joy

red-headed-cat said...

i wish i could afford it ;) nah i'm in omanit it's a school from NA'AMAT..
but my teacher is amazing.. thank you again for reading all my rants.. have a great week month year too..:))