Friday, February 17, 2006

the weekend is upon me again...

it's the weekend again, ain't life grand, i'm sitting at home on a friday night writing my blog. i am so lifeless.. (and bitchy..)
i hope to change jobs soon as the one i have right now, which used to be good, truelly sucks now Boss woman is such an iratating humen its madning to work with, shes so strung out on life it's amazing shes still alive, everything is over-complicated and slow and stressfull with her i have no idea what was i thinking taking that job again.. oh yeah i had a worse job before that..
yeah me and the working life, i just can't seem to find a job i can last in more then a year... i don't know if its because i hate most people on a regular basis or that i am too spoiled or that i don't see why you should suffer continuesly while at work? maybe its a bit of all of those.. one day i'll have a place of my own and maybe then i could screen custumer before they walk in to save me all the stupid questions and idiocy thats all around me..
i am actually a realy good sales pesron i am just very selective in who i want to sell too..
have nothing more to share ... i dont have much of a life..


IsidoreDeKass said...

Like one of bjork song's:
"One day it will happened,
One day...".
Some of the things you say doesn't make any sense, but most of them do. i'll wish you luck and such. it is just a faze in life, nothing more. maybe when you get your'e independence it will change.

red-headed-cat said...

still my true and only as yet listener .. i'm flattered even though a bit scared to disapoint my reader... i know things will work out for them selves and as soon as i am independent which i hope will happen soon then yeah ... again apriciating your intrest and attantion.. flatterd and blushing...