Thursday, February 23, 2006

NIN in the player,,,

in a militant mood, been to tel aviv this morning for a complete waste of time, nothing from the things i went to do there worked out.
the appartment i was going to see: the guy living there was no where to be found. the things i was trying to buy in rashbel: my card refused to assist in and then the shop i was looking for for design homework: was noth there... so yey me for the wasted time the headach in the bus from the annoying grandma on the phone with her grand son... i wanted to scream.. and all that before coffe and breakfast!!! hope fully this day will prove to be better, as after work i'm going back to tel aviv to see another place and then to Simpsons place for a drink. my flirting guy chickend out but its ok. i think it might be the begining of a beautyful friendship... at least i hope so.
havent been to my tat place for a while, havent been in the area for a few days, i wonder if they miss me? tomorow i'm going to the movies with Mother after work instead of saturday i guess hope i'll have some time to work out all of my homework, many ideas that most have such labor pains they never get born not enough technology to save them...

i am not very cohernt today i must admit, i'm afraid i'll loose my fans... :)

hey at least i'm not pregnant... and from P.Igor of all people.. but i'm not(!) so all is actually very well.... just imagine that conversation... hey dick head you knocked me up what do we do?
well that just gave me some real perspective on this whole shit day!! thank Bastt for little mercy's...
so yeah this place i'm seeing again tonight, has good music in it, have no idea how i live in this place without being able to listen to my music!! so that place has two kids living in it who both play bass and are in metal bands.. and one also plays contrabass.. i am afraid i'll be a bit of a nanny but at least i'll have a place of my own and some music to keep me company and dearest Polish Princess will have a kitten friend to get her fit and happy! so cross your fingers for me that everything clicks that needs clicking... with the Boys.
hope to come back from the weekend with some new insights...
NIN give me the best chills ever i need to have sex with them in the background hopefully on thoes oh- so -horny two days after that-time-of-the-month!!!

Bastt save me from normal people!

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