Thursday, February 16, 2006

sex on my mind again...

seen another place today on Hertzel street, the place has potential but i think i rather do the guy who lives there then move in... i know i'm totaly hopless what can i say i have needs which do get stronger when i don't take them out on someone, and its geting close to that time of the month when, i as a woman can't think straight, not that i think i did before :)
in amsterdam i think the hunting was easier for me, i had my dry spells there as my friends will testifay to as i drove them mad with my ranting but at least i could always find someone willing. here its the not knowing too many people to have that guy you've been with that you could call when things get rough, and i try to make some none sexuall friends so coming on to some of my male aquintencess is lacking in future. sometimes i think i come on too strong and that i fright men by being as direct as i am, kinda pulling their game from under them by not letting them hunt me down, i am too impatiant to play this bullshit hard to get as we both know we want the same thing so lets quit beating round the bush and spend more time doing it then playing this silly game of chase and run.
i know it's fun this whole chase thing but i do have better things to do then play those games when i have other, Better, games in mind...
Iron-man bought me a book by Anais Nin, just as i was breaking up with Ex who was abroad at the time (i'll get in to that some other time...) and so i was reading all that erotica and had no where to release all that energy, playing with one self is only half the fun as playing with some one else's self... doing it solo is like teasing with no climex, the excitment of someone else someone new after being with the same guy for two years (not all bad at all just the same) the rush of butterflys in your belly when you think about it is worth the whole damn bitching bout this chase-run shit! i guess i'm a butterfly addict i need to have thrills and excitment on high level to keep me going.
so yeah i got the book and no one to play with, its fruastrating, cause you walk around the whole time thinking bout sex and where can you find someone to get off with. (not as bad as most men but close :)
in my busy no-life-at-all i dont get to meet to many people which makes me more susepteble to jerks.. as i don't get to do proper screenings...
*to be continued*

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