Saturday, February 25, 2006

guess what? its the weekend again!!!

time flys when your having fun they say, well don't know much bout the fun bit but it does fly. if all goes well i'll be heading to the movies tonight and might just meet some people there, already got one positive response from someone and hopefully there will be more then just one. worst case i'll watch a movie by myself and go home, as we all know i have had worst weekends than that ;)
*minutes later*
i got a response from one that seems to want to join the wall of men i scare... and that wall is getting crowded.. apperently my hight is a factor.. never saw that as a problem.. but apperntly some men find it intimidating.. i cant help them there. will see maybe Batman will find the courage to look me in the eyes and risk his neck and come see a movie with me..all i'm saying is it's only a damn movie.. nothing more!!

someone yesterday said i was brave/nuts to post my number like that and invite the whole world to join me at the movies! well i am quite desperate by now i need to meet more people and if this will get me to know a few more people then great! you need to take risks to get furthur in life it doesnt happen by itself change comes from within and as i am not a very patient person i'll invite and risk and share and maybe someone else will find the courage to venture out of their cosy box and try something new and exciting, i dont see too many choices for me. i risk my neck a bit or i stay lonely! so a bit of risk is fine with me! at the end i can only gain from this...
going to have a Sponja break and come back with more news soon!!!

Bastt save me from chikenshit men!!

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