Thursday, March 23, 2006

found a place and more then what i bargained for 2

found a place!!!!!!! got me a place really excited bout it!!

but, i also found EX's blog... he has it attached to his mails and i was giving him some advise on a tattoo and got more for my money than i wanted.. it was like looking at a car accident.. you cant keep stop looking... hes getting more sex then me damn him so the whole thing was rather disgusting...i dont feel jealuos or anything like that it was just too much info.. yuck..

back to my place... i found the coolest place ever.
damn my discovery i need to go smoke, will tell more excitedly soon.. must get the bad taste out of my mouth.

Bastt save me from discoverys..

p.s. spoke to big cheese from AMPM hopefully i'll hear from them soon so i could change jobs..
Bastt save me this weekend.
i need it!


IsidoreDeKass said...

Good - good,
but you keep on talking on youre EX, which is not thet good, still huret HAA?,
Nvermind, enjoy youre finding youre place, and AMPM is good job, i wanted to work ther for some time, the one nir Masarik St.
Maybe i will...

red-headed-cat said...

not for long sweet heart.. i need to get a the crystals and the food for here and then we shall have us some blessed silence...
so next wek i might see your preety face?
looking farwards to it..