Wednesday, March 01, 2006

finished my first ring for the wedding ring project, very happy with it. its super cool. looks like a midevil thing , like what they used onprisoner... a chain with a heavy iron ball to keep them from running away, and there in a nut shell my idea of marrige... i have another one i'm still working on waiting for my teacher to make me a certein tool so i could start working on them.

David Bowie on 88fm... one of my favorite songs... which ofcourse i have no idea what it's called. but damn its melencholic and sweet... wish i could have a drink with it...* i know the name of this song i knew i knew it: "bring me the head of the disco king..." from that magical soundtrack of the lame movie:the underworld.. or something lame like that..
anyway back to my train of thought: i miss alcohol, wish i could find an appartment in tel aviv with a belcony i could sit in and look out on the street which ever street it might be and have a smoke in one hand and a beer in the other have music coming out and let it be friday afternoon or early on saturday, the trnquilty of the city in those magical hours, have ppl over for dinner and sit and talk till late , smoking laughing drinking, getting in to those strange philosophical conversations that you only get into in those late stoned drunk of the wee hours... damn i wish i had a life.. god i wish i could smoke in my moms house.. dying for a smoke now.
the weather is changing i do wish to be in tel aviv by the end of this month at the latest..

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