Thursday, March 30, 2006

signed my contract today...

so yeah signed my new contract today..
it almost fell through but we worked it out at the end.. so now i'm a proud renter of a place in florentine!!! should be meeting up with Chef tonight, yesterday didnt work out, he was busy til real late, called to apologise and said he would come pick me up later, then he was done a bit later then i hoped and was already asleep, so tonight later. its fun to think that i have key to my own place, i can go to even tough right now its empty and has nothing of mine to distinguish it from the rest of any other rentel place in tel aviv. soon it would have charcter and style minimal but there. new job starting sunday and and tomorow is my last day in my other job!! yey me!! i'm hoping simpson could help memove some stuff to on saturday including my dear Princess, hope she would get used to it soon enough..
not that she really has a choice.
now its just passing the time till something happens, like my phone ringing or something of the sort.. i realy do hate doing that, but i'll manage i'll sort out some stuff, wish it to take longer than it would and then see that not that much time passed yet and somewhere along the way i'll lose my paitnce and do something like go to tel aviv and tell myself i could wait in my place for my phone to ring as its better then waiting at home or something silly like that..
hate waiting for ppl to call or for things to happen, have no tolorance for sitting around and waiting for things to happen i rather create them myself.. at least then they happen, not always on the best of sides but at least i'm not stagnant or stuck depended on other ppls actions while waiting for them to realise that this is the most important thing ever and they are blind not to see it.. yeah total lack of proportions to go with it..

may Bastt bless my minimal tolarance feeling stuck with some understanding and proportions..

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