Tuesday, March 28, 2006

called a guy bout a place and came out with a date with a Chef.. besides his place i saw another place in florentine close by his place that i really want should know more later today..
bout the Chef, i stayed the night which was rather terbulant night emotinaly for me, but i think we could be good friends, so we shall see where the wind blows, what he offers scares me, and its all good things on offer but i dont think i'm quit ready for them yet, somehow i think hes going to understand..
i'll call him tonight and we'll talk and see where it would take us..
got a wrong number call this morning and it was funny i think i'm going to hear from that guy again too..
Darling turened out to be all talk and no play, he probably hid his balls somewhere and now he cant find them anymore..
EX sent me mail with a writen apologie for all the latest news of his blog and how pathetic he has been, something friendly might still come out of it, you never know..at least he reconected with this world again.
Izidor and me are supposedly going to drink together thursday, and if your reading this be reminded..;) hopefully by tonight i'll have some more news hopefully bout that place i want.
till then may Bastt send me the strength to pull of this day with a smile on my face..

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