Friday, March 24, 2006

*had a cool drive home with a cool taxi driver he played Skunk Anannsi for me..

*been to a wedding party of sorts, was fun..

spoke to EX today havent told him nothing bout the blog, going to see him tomorow he's bringing P.Princess her crystals. must admit to going in there again and he knows i know or guesses as much.. so tough for him..
anyway i have second thoughts about that place i thought i found so i'm looking again.. hopefully this week something good will happen..
still got home work to be done but i think tomorow is a better day for home work. think i might get in bed soon with my new book which i cant seem to get enough of..

*the next day...*

i slept for hours, made up for all those lost hours spent in franzyed insperations.. soon i'll be bussy with home work and orgenizing shit around the house, shower and then hopefully i'll go check this place in florentine it might be good. spoke to Simpson he's "wife" is away so he's home alone with a friend, i might drop by there for a visit and maybe just maybe Darling will give me a call and i'll meet him too...
had one of those dreams last night, woke up hornier then ever.. sent Darling an explicit sms maybe he'll pick up on it and we shall get something going..

hopefully the last time i mention this.. after EX is coming over today with stuff for Princess and gives me money for her overly expensive food i'm going to go silent, i dont buy all this "i'm so misraeble with out you" bullshit anymore, i thought we could be friends before the time and i learned my lesson so i'll live him to his "misery" and manage my self and the needs of my gorgeous Princess by myself as i'll be making more money soon as it is..
and he can wallow in his self pity and idiocy of leting me see his blog..
ok thats it i'm done talking bout him..

so yeah home work.. i better get started if i want to do all this other stuff i have planed for today..
May Bastt bless my advantures and my aspiration for a place of my own..


IsidoreDeKass said...

Well ther is a place or not?, when you gonna join me in Tel Aviv?.
Any way after i read this i hope thet Darling will give You a call to...

IsidoreDeKass said...

Same shit other day, house hunt, sex hunt, EX hunt, keep on hunting, that what Cat's do ?!?....

red-headed-cat said...

no place no guy but new job!! and hopefully a new drinking buddy thursday..
looking farwards to it..