Saturday, March 18, 2006

same shit diferent weekend..

i recived some poetry from EX tofday, kind of embarecing to read.. its so unlike him, and i know he hurting and all but that juat left me speechless, dont know how to respond to it so i'll avoid it for the mean time..
house hunt report: the one i was going to see today fell through so i'm going to see a difrent one maybe have more luck there even though its not an ideal location.. a bit too close to EX's place.. and a bit on the expensive side of life but we'll see, if this other girl from this other place acutally pick up the phone i might have another option..
i'm getting real tierd from this house hunt, Mother suggested keeping P.Princess for a while just so i can find something but i cant think of leaving her behind she should be with me where ever i go.i know it limits my search a bit but i know i'll find something eventually..i dont really care anymore where not really.. just to get out of here and have some change..
i seem to have gotten Mothers flue yey me so i can add that to my circle of fun!!

did half of my homework, maybe i'll find the strength to do the rest some time today too.. maybe when i get back from house hunt i'll have some more energy to do something productive, at least i did some catching up on my lack of sleep it was one good thing to be done this weekend.
still havent heard nothing from Toy Boy probably still in the army guess we'll see what happens next time he's around. could use some R&R time with a younge man probably just what the doctor ordered.. ;)

May Bastt bless my hunt for house and happiness..

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