Tuesday, March 21, 2006

tail of a homeless cat...

seen a place yesterday spoke to the guy on the phone, waited for him, when he finalyy showed up.. guess who it was? (Bastt taking the piss again..) the guy i dropped my number in his biker jacket a month ago in the tattoo place... yeah the joy of a small world... yeah so that was fun..
anyway so i considered that place for some wrong reasons for half a day and then soberd up and gave it up..
saw another 4 placess today, one of them might actually be good for me i just hope they liked me too.. and another one to see tomorow that sounds good even though its a touch expensive.. but i need to see what i get for it.. anyways..

so yeah no news from Toy Boy, well it was good while it lasted..
got to go back to work tomorow, damn it had fun not seeing that place for three days..

well i'm boring myself so good night wish me luck on my house hunt.. i might get lucky along the way.. ;)
may Bastt send me a bone(r) soon...

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