Wednesday, March 29, 2006


first of all i found a place, signing the contract tomorow.. its for real this time!!
small place by myself, not too expensive, has the bare nessecitys of a closet, a fridge a sofa bed, and just bout enough space to place me and Princess and my work bench. the land lord is cool and flexeable very helpfull too. the building is super cool with an intercom system and a beautyfull entrance. so i'm a happy cat! :))
hopeing to hear from Chef tonight as i hope we could meet and talk, i want to get this stuff off my chest i think i figured out some of my internal struggels. there is the part which is all bout sex hard and agresive, and the other which is the little girl who only wants to be held and comforted.. so she tends to wake up somewhere when the sex gets rough and start screaming.. so yeah its oh-so-fun being me...
but i have faith in Chef to understand and hopefully have faith in me to figure it out and still be around, i think we could be really good friends above all else the rest will be browny points...
so now i'm trying to figure out when and how to move my stuff and Princess over to the new place,..
maybe Ex could help me out with moving the things i need including Princess..i'll have to ask him and see if he's available, no game and all. means i dont have to worry too much bout how i get home on sunday night after work and all.. as i'll already have a place in tel aviv..
i'm happy bout it it feels good to know the search is over and that i got just bout what i wanted..
very minimal but for that price its fine.. anyway i dont think i'll be hosting people there anyway..
i'll have to figure out some more shelvings but the landlord is really cool i'm sure he could help me out with it.. now i'm all excited bout this whole move thing and am busy figuring out where to put what and what to do with this and that..
its going to be realy cool living in tel aviv!!
Bastt be blessed and shed some more magic in my life..
new nighbourhood new job a new friend.. what a way to start a better life..


Asprine said...

Sounds good babe.
Enjoy your new place this weekend.
Talk to ya soon.

red-headed-cat said...

thanks babe.
had a lot of fun this weekend, hope you got some too;)
talk to ya soon. love.