Saturday, March 04, 2006

thank Bastt for pandora!

still home alone but at least i have Pandora to keep me company and open a new world of music.
verdict on the boyz place: not going to happen, which is probably for the best as the room offerd was tiny so never mind, everything that happens is for the best right?

maybe in a few minutes/hours i'll be responsiable and start working on my home work, i should realy i also think i have some ideas bout what to do with it but i'm playing lazy for now. was chating to EX on msn earlier, it was fun resambeld what it would be like to have him as my friend again, i kinda miss that but i know i need to give him all the time he needs to heal so maybe somewhere in the future we could be friends again.
i am realy looking farwards to wednsday by now i am dying for a drink and the company of other people around me, i need to have the company of others i am wilting here, EX thought i was moving back to tel aviv for the party life and stuff and he said i should get my prioritis straight, i understand where he's coming from besides him being hurt, and all, but he could always stick to himself, didnt need any distarction from the outside world he could stay at home for weeks without the need of outside unput. i can't handel that i need some outside attantion aswel. some input form outside some fresh air something. can't stand the solitude of this horid place its driving me mad!!
saw an option for a place in tel aviv need to call them see whats up maybe something good will come out of it.. by now i almost don't care anymore on the where bit, price is more impotrtant then anything else i just want to have a place out of here. i'm trying to be realistic bout it all and not succumb to my amazing world of colorfull and fun as it might be its not real..
Bastt save me from bordome...


IsidoreDeKass said...

This is a good one, just for you...

The Cat

In my brain there walks about,
As though he were in his own home,
A lovely cat, strong, sweet, charming.
When he mews, one scarcely hears him,

His tone is so discreet and soft;
But purring or growling, his voice
Is always deep and rich;
That is his charm and secret.

That voice forms into drops, trickles
Into the depths of my being,
Fills me like harmonious verse
And gladdens me like a philtre.

It lulls to sleep the sharpest pains,
Contains all ecstasies;
To say the longest sentences,
It has no need of words,

No, there's no bow that plays upon
My heart, that perfect instrument,
And makes its most vibrant chord
Sing more gloriously

Than your voice, mysterious cat,
Seraphic cat, singular cat,
In whom, as in angels, all is
As subtle as harmonious!

From his brown and yellow fur
Comes such sweet fragrance that one night
I was perfumed with it because
I caressed him once, once only.

A familiar figure in the place,
He presides, judges, inspires
Everything within his province;
Perhaps he is a fay, a god?

When my gaze, drawn as by a magnet,
Turns in a docile way
Toward that cat whom I love,
And when I look within myself,

I see with amazement
The fire of his pale pupils,
Clear signal-lights, living opals,
That contemplate me fixedly

IsidoreDeKass said...

And one more....

The Cats
Both ardent lovers and austere scholars
Love in their mature years
The strong and gentle cats, pride of the house,
Who like them are sedentary and sensitive to cold.

Friends of learning and sensual pleasure,
They seek the silence and the horror of darkness;
Erebus would have used them as his gloomy steeds:
If their pride could let them stoop to bondage.

When they dream, they assume the noble attitudes
Of the mighty sphinxes stretched out in solitude,
Who seem to fall into a sleep of endless dreams;

Their fertile loins are full of magic sparks,
And particles of gold, like fine grains of sand,
Spangle dimly their mystic eyes.

red-headed-cat said...

oh darling you are the best thank you so much its beautyfull, you just for got to mention who is it by? wish a lovely and productive week to us all..
thank you!

IsidoreDeKass said...

The famous and notorious poet Charle Baudelaire.
Yaa, Geek, Yaa Closet...
Yada - Yada, have a wonderfol week

red-headed-cat said...

hey being a geek is not so bad its only a state of mind and a statment!
you should be happy no matter what you do!